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points microbia environnement  Freshwater pumping and catchment… take care of the resource !

Faced to the microbiological risk associated with cyanobacteria blooms in surface water,

Anticipate contaminations and react a step ahead !

Securing water catchment sites is essential to prevent human and animal health risk and reduce the potential negative economic impacts on the water supply chain. A large part of pumping facilities being located at lake reservoirs, the exposition to algal blooms is a reality due to low water exchange/stirring and run-offs of agricultural and industrial wastes, phenomenon also aggravated by recurrent heat waves events.

Water supply companies are thus confronted to manage this risk and anticipate problems related to water treatment processes and facilities, e.g. filter clogging, reagents extra charge; not to mention the media hype triggered by pathogens proliferations closed to catchment sites.

Thanks to an exclusive expertise in environmental microbiology, we at Microbia Environnement have in hands high-performance molecular tools to characterize the genetic profiles of the different microbial populations existing in water, we provide you with:

A fine microbiological diagnosis at your water catchment area

For identification of problems and data acquisition on your water resource.

To anticipate a contamination by cyanobacteria toxins with a 5-8 days advance and to forecast the bloom trends for the upcoming days/weeks, we offer a ‘routine’ analysis based on biosensors especially designed to target the most problematic species (Microcystis, Cylindrospermopsis, Nodularia, Planktothrix, etc)

A customized early warning and bloom forecast system delivering decision-making data

For a proactive and optimized management of your water suply facility.

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