Microbial toxicity analysis & diagnosis in environmental waters


Solutions for tomorrow water resources management and industry 


Why Microbia Environnement?

Facing the increasing threat of toxic micro-organisms living in fresh- and marine waters on human activities, Microbia Environnement strives to develop innovative, reliable, cost-efficient monitoring and early-warning systems for the benefit of:


                                             • water resources management,
                                             • fish and shellfish industry,
                                             • public health,
                                             • environmental protection,
                                             • and related economy


For all these players, there is an increasing demand for reliable information regarding potential microbe-associated risk. And that in real-time, to be able to engage actions, to inform policy makers and to be transparent with the public.



Combining expertise in environmental microbiology and molecular biology, we at Microbia Environnement have designed and developed an advanced technology based on genetic biosensors to detect with a very high sensitivity toxicogenic micro-algae and (cyano-)bacteria in water. We provide adapted and personalized support to end users by drawing up a real “weather forecast” of the water quality.


Our commitment: prevent today and anticipate tomorrow microbial-associated risk in aquatic environment.

Experience to serve the future

Based in the Perpignan area in Southern-France, we have been engaged since 2013 with local shellfish farmers, aquaculture companies and authorities in charge of recreational and touristic areas to provide rapid diagnostic solutions for detecting proliferation of toxic micro-algae and cyanobacteria in waterbodies.


Thanks to continuous effort in research and development, our technology of genetic biosensors has been patented and approved in long-term projects, enabling us to extend our support to the national territory. By today, we have established close partnerships with diverse French public institutes involved in water resources management and public health (ANSES, ARS, Ifremer) as well as with the private water supply sector (e.g. Veolia).



We aspire to become the number one reference partner for all players in the field in the rest of Europe and beyond.



By providing novel technology alternatives, we aim that together it would be possible to change or adapt regulations related to microbes-induced contamination and ecosystem imbalance.


Our vision of the future is that is crucial to give a new lease of life to applied aquatic ecology, some established approaches being far away from available state-of-the-art technologies. Never as before, it is a major concern for all of us to secure the water resources, to preserve the economy, to protect the environment and people.



Focus on Toxic Micro-algae and Cyanobacteria.

                                                                                                                                                Why are they toxic? 

We at Microbia Environnement have developed a polyvalent platform of genetic biosensors that we use in routine to detect toxicogenic

• micro-algae in sea water and
• cyanobacteria in freshwater,

both being responsible of harmful algal blooms (HABs) in respective ecosystems. 


Besides the technology, the strength of our approach is to define a site-specific strategy, based on:

                            • observations and needs reported by the waterbody manager,

                            • a characterization of the microbial biodiversity – if necessary,

                            • an optimized methodology for water sampling and choice of right biosensors.

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