Microbia Environnement designs highly-sensitive genetic biosensors for the detection of active microorganisms in aquatic ecosystems. By targeting toxin-producing cyanobacteria and microalgae, this unique technology provides an advanced tool for early warning systems dedicated to harmful proliferations.


To reveal microbial populations in growing phase,

To anticipate the threat for the ecosystem and the toxicity risk in water :

A new solution …

Based on a standardized, rapid and simple colorimetric assay, provided as a set of reagents : the CARLA Kit. 


Water quality lab : you are tracking problematic cyanobacteria or microalgae ?

Reduce tedious microscopy countings and costly toxin analyses with our CARLA Kits.

Offer your customers a new service which is :


Research lab : you are active on cyanobacteria or microalgae topics ? 

Boost your research with the CARLA technology, a fine and cutting-edge molecular tool making possible to follow distribution and activity patterns of targeted species.

Adaptable to your most specific experimental conditions and interests : 

High-frequency monitoring One-shot analysis Transect studies, depth profiles
Plankton interactions Multiplex or high-throughput screening Cell culture follow-up…

Thanks for the ongoing support!


Local Partnerships:

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