Why Microbia Environnement ?

Facing the increasing threat of harmful microorganisms that can proliferate in both fresh- and marine waters, Microbia Environnement strives to develop innovative, reliable, cost-efficient monitoring and early-warning systems for the benefit of:

Water resource management

Fish and shellfish industry

Public health

Environmental protection

Impacted economy

For all the players of the water sector, there is an increasing demand for reliable information regarding the microbes-associated risk. And that in real-time, to be able to engage actions, to inform policy makers (authorities, local political representatives, governments), in order to finally provide more transparency towards the public, who in the current context, is showing growing concern. 

Combining expertise in environmental microbiology and molecular biology, we at Microbia Environnement have developed an advanced technology based on genetic biosensors to detect with a very high sensitivity microorganisms in water. We have focused – but not limited – our R&D on biosensors targeting toxin-producing microalgae and cyanobacteria

These molecular tools are supplied as :

A service platform for local end users, based on high-frequency monitoring packages including optimized water sampling, analyses and feedback in near real-time. 

A commercial kit of reagents enabling other water quality or research laboratories working in the field of cyanobacteria and microalgae detection to use our expertise in autonomy.

Possible actions afterwards:

• Drawing up a “weather forecast” of the microbiological water quality at a site of interest
• Translating the biosensor-acquired scientific data into useful information for proactive decision-making 

Our commitment

Prevent today and anticipate tomorrow microbiological risk in the aquatic environment.


microbia environnement


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