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Unpredictable and dramatic for aquaculture facilities, toxic microalgae blooms are more and more frequent due to climate change and water pollution by N and P fertilizers running-off from the land. Who in this industry has not yet been confronted at least once or repetitively to this phenomenon, with terrible impact on the commercial activity?

Conventionnal surveillance methods, daily visual inspection or 3- to 7-day data provided by normalized lab analyses (microscopy, toxin measurements) are not usable to take decisions a step ahead a bloom occurence, neither to predict the next days/weeks situation along the season.


Anticipating a contamination remains almost impossible, and, once the sales ban has been pronounced, the time needed for new analyses makes the crisis situation even longer, with several precious days lost.

Benefits from Microbia Environnement

To be alerted of a bloom 5-8 days in advance, to anticipate the trends of toxic blooms in the close future and adapt your activity to secure your production,

We offer a customized early warning system to draw up a ‘bloom forecast’ and prevent the risk for your facility.


"Innovation is essential for the development of today aquaculture. Microbia Environnement provides us with an unparalleled capacity of bloom prediction, which enables us to manage our facility with much more serenity."
"With the expertise of Microbia Environnement, we have now a rapid and adapted information. The 6 to 8 days we gain make a big difference to organize the company activity during risky periods."

You are a member of a shellfish/fish growers association or business alliance, an accredited lab is responsible for the management of your analyses? Do not hesitate to talk about us !

You are independant, you are wondering how starting with our ‘bloom forecast’, you need a quote…

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