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Microbia Environnement is a complementary team of dynamic, highly-motivated and passionated scientists that fully invest for a sustainable protection of the water resource.

Committed to address tomorrow societal, economical and environmental challenges, we give the best of our expertise in molecular biology, ecology and microbiology to transmit risk prevention messages and to change current strategies based on “just reactive” policy, once populations face ecological disasters. With this in mind, our team assists customers through tailored collaborations responding accurately to their needs for diagnosis, surveillance and anticipation of problematic microbial proliferations.

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Delphine Microbia Environnement

Delphine Guillebault, PhD

« Understand erratic and sudden toxic microalgae blooms has been the core of my research work for many years. I focused on the development of highly-sensitive detection systems based on most advanced molecular technology to target microorganisms causing environmental and public health problems. Willing to transfer this expertise out of the lab, to serve a more general interest, I co-founded Microbia Environnement in 2013.
Taking advantage of disruptive, high-tech, and social innovations is essential to anticipate the risk associated with microbial proliferations. The world is experencing dramatic changes… Robust and powerful scientific tools are the key to preserve the water resource, protect users and secure dependant economy.
The Microbia Environnement team promotes tirelessly the leitmotif “Move from risk management to risk anticipation”. We aim that our technology will contribute to the improvement of monitoring and prevention strategies deployed for HABs. We hope to grow up and be visible on the international scene soon, and help moving towards a more high-tech oriented, respectful and eco-responsible era. »

Delphine Guillebault, PhD


Elisa Villa

Elisa Villa, MSc

Principal Investigator

Emilie Pasero, MSc

Engineer R&D and Project Manager

Salomé Legendre, MSc

Engineer R&D

Lisa Jourdan, MSc

Engineer R&D

Bruno Sanchez, MSc

Engineer assistant (internship)

Sandra Lagauzère

Sandra Lagauzère, PhD

Associate researcher & Business Developer

Edouard Champaud, MSc

Sales & market development engineer

Valérie Fricot

Valérie Fricot, MSc

Administrative & Financial Officer

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