Expertise and R&D

A large part of the Microbia Environnement team activity is dedicated to the further improvement of the catalog biosensors as they target the most harmful cyanobacteria and microalgae and are helpful for many ongoing monitoring programs. One major objective is the miniaturization and simplification of the process, in particular the RNA isolation from water samples, to finally reach the capacity of running the assay in situ.

Besides that, there is a crucial need to extend the biosensor panel to target new species, notably in case of e.g., very local or sporadic presence, benthic habitats, “invasive” status.  Microbia Environnement is thus currently involved in different R&D projects with private or public partners. Within these projects, we work actively on the selection of new genetic signatures and testing on the field to design the next generation of biosensors.

If you have a special concern and would like to have a customized biosensor, do not hesitate to contact us!

microbia environnement
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