CYATOX-Track project

CyaTox, facts and figures…

Cyatox aims to finalize an innovative solution, currently in TRL4-5, for an early warning and anticipation of harmful cyanobacteria outbreaks, like Anabaena, Dolichospermum, Aphanizomenon, Microcystis and Planktothrix genera found in bathing, recreational, aquaculture and farming and drinking waters in marine, lagoon and estuarine areas.

The final goal is to end-up with an innovative solution as a colorimetric biosensor format applied to harmful cyanobacteria risks monitoring and management. The product is positioned as a fast, sensitive, simple and economical test to identify and daily monitor water quality but also as a decision-making tool to the local authorities so that they can better manage water resources, better protect aquatic resources and the population in the event of a health crise and prevent financial and image loss.

3 objectives

  • Validation of prototype on a demonstration site and production of kit pre-series for identification of toxigenic cyanobacteria in water reservoirs/recreational areas;
  • Ergonomy test of the prototype according to operational specifications listed by a representative user group
  • Preparation of the commercial deployment of the new concept through communication, and adequate training of end-users through verified market data and commercial and technical partnerships initiated with prescribers (Laboratories, water utilities etc.);

2 pilot sites

  • Champs sur Marne  (June-August 2018)
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