Alexandrium CARLA Kit


The Alexandrium CARLA kit consists of sequence-specific hybridization biosensors for the ribosomal RNA (rRNA) of Alexandrium sp. microalgae, together with chemicals needed to generate a proportional colorimetric signal readable by spectrophotometry. It comes in a 96-well microplate format and includes standards of synthetic RNA for calibration. (more about biosensors for marine microalgae).

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Assay Type Sandwich RNA/DNA hybridization ELISA 
Capture: RNA extracted from seawater ; Signal: TMB/HRP colorimetric reaction ; Wavelength: 450 nm
Up to 43 duplicate samples in <2.5 hours (details)
Application For the qualitative (presence/absence) or quantitative (activity level) sensitive detection of target microalgae groups in water samples.
Shipping  Room temperature
Long term storage  +4°C (for 6 months)
Product notes Patented technology. French Patent No. FR 3 085 965 A1. Worldwide Patent WO 2020/058291 A1.
Regulatory status RUO – Research Use Only
Required equipment Absorbance microplate reader, RNA-free laboratory
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