Tools for monitoring and anticipating toxigenic cyanobacteria blooms

Water quality indicator


Faced with ever-changing environmental conditions, cyanobacteria are highly adaptable. Under favorable conditions, active cells proliferate rapidly both in fresh and brackish waters. Some cyanobacteria produce molecules with a high toxic potential, especially for humans: cyanotoxins. In recent years, the abundance of these cells, called toxinogenic, has been increasing in our fresh and brackish waters (bathing sites, reservoirs of drinking water, lakes, rivers, etc.). This raises a real ecological, economic and societal question, leading to an evidence that it is essential to monitor the microbiological state of water to ensure its good quality and to implement best management strategies.

Concerned zones

Recreational, drinking or agricultural waters.

Microbia Environnement value proposition

Microbia Environnement develops and proposes innovative diagnostic solutions to help companies in the water sector to anticipate toxigenic cyanobacteria blooms in order to better manage production sites through increased surveillance and early warning of contaminations by the genera Microcystis, Planktothrix, Nodularia, Cylindrospermopsis and Anabaena / Aphanizomenon / Dolichospermum group.

WHO guidelines

Drinking water < 20 000 Cells/L & 1 µg microcytines/L

Recreational waters < 100 000 Cells/L & 13 µg microcytines/L


  • Early warning and risk anticipation
  • Management efficiency
  • Low cost


  • Tracking activity trends of toxigenic cyanobacteria
  • High frequency
  • Results in near real time

Technical informations

Our product is a biosensor based diagnostic tool available as a service. It allows the identification and quantification of the activity of different cyanobacteria simultaneously in two steps: 1) Specific molecular recognition of the genetic barcode of the genera (microplate ELISA test) 2) Colorimetric detection of the activity of targeted genera qualitatively (presence / absence) and quantitative (absorbance intensities related to cell activity).

Our offer includes:

  • A number of analyzes set by the customer (frequency and location previously defined)
  • Provision of a semi-automatic sampling device for filtering samples
  • Training in the use of filtration equipment
  • Programming an express shipment of samples
  • Taylored follow-up from the beginning to the end of our service with biweekly reports including interpretations of the analyzes
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